Impartiality Policy

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We at TQMS Certification Pvt. Ltd. are committed to upholding impartiality in all aspects of our certification processes. Our dedication to impartiality is integral to ensuring the integrity and credibility of our conformity assessment services. As a certification body, we recognize the importance of treating all organizations and applicants fairly and without bias.

Our impartiality policy is guided by the following principles:

Equality and Fair Treatment: We ensure that all organizations seeking certification are treated equitably, irrespective of their size, nature of business, or any other distinguishing factors. The certification process is transparent, and decisions are based on objective evidence.

Independence: TQMS Certification Pvt. Ltd. operates independently and avoids any conflict of interest that could compromise the impartiality of our certification services. Our decisions are not influenced by any external pressures or relationships that may affect the objectivity of the assessment.

Confidentiality: We maintain strict confidentiality regarding information obtained during the certification process. Any information related to the certification status of an organization is disclosed only to authorized personnel and relevant stakeholders. Confidentiality is crucial in safeguarding the impartiality of our assessments.
Non-Discrimination: Our certification process does not discriminate against any organization based on factors such as race, gender, religion, nationality, or any other characteristic unrelated to the requirements of the management system standard being assessed.

Transparency: We strive to be transparent in our communication and decision-making processes. Organizations undergoing certification can expect clear and open communication regarding the assessment criteria, results, and any necessary corrective actions.
Continual Improvement: TQMS Certification Pvt. Ltd. is committed to continually improving our processes, systems, and personnel competencies to enhance the effectiveness and impartiality of our certification services.

Complaints Resolution: We provide a mechanism for addressing and resolving any complaints related to our certification activities. This ensures that concerns raised by organizations or other stakeholders are addressed promptly and impartially.

Our impartiality policy is aligned with international standards and best practices in certification bodies. By adhering to these principles, we aim to instill confidence in our stakeholders regarding the fairness and objectivity of our certification services.”
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