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TQMS Certification Pvt. Ltd. acknowledges the significance of impartiality in the certification process and has established an impartiality committee known as the ‘Impartiality Committee’ (IC). Comprising technical experts from diverse industries, the IC plays a crucial role in upholding the principles of fairness, objectivity, and independence within our certification services.

Key aspects of the Impartiality Committee include:

Composition of Members: The IC consists of representatives and interested parties drawn from various industries, including but not limited to Oil & Gas, Offshore, Engineering, Education Institutions, and the Commercial sector. The diverse composition ensures a broad spectrum of expertise and perspectives.

Role and Responsibilities: The primary function of the IC is to evaluate and provide guidance on matters related to the quality and scope of TQMS Certification. This includes reviewing certification processes, assessing the competence of auditors, and ensuring that the certification services meet the highest standards of quality.

Independence and Impartiality: The IC operates independently of operational and certification decision-making processes. Its members are committed to ensuring that TQMS Certification maintains impartiality in all its dealings. The committee actively monitors and addresses any potential conflicts of interest that may arise.

Quality Assurance: The IC contributes to the enhancement of our certification services by offering insights and recommendations aimed at continual improvement. Through regular assessments and feedback, the committee plays a pivotal role in maintaining and improving the quality of our certification processes.

Transparency: TQMS Certification is dedicated to transparency in its operations, and the IC plays a role in ensuring that stakeholders are kept informed about the measures taken to preserve impartiality. Transparency is fundamental to building and maintaining trust in our certification services.

Regular Review: The IC conducts regular reviews of its own processes and effectiveness, ensuring that it remains aligned with industry best practices and international standards. This commitment to self-assessment demonstrates our dedication to continual improvement.

TQMS Certification Pvt. Ltd. is confident that the Impartiality Committee, through its diverse and experienced members, will continue to be instrumental in upholding the highest standards of impartiality, independence, and quality in our certification services. We remain committed to fostering a culture of trust and credibility among our stakeholders.”

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