Staff Augmentation

In today’s fast paced, dynamic and competitive environment, businesses have specific requirements. The resources and skill set requirements may be dynamic and not permanent as per the changing business needs and priorities. To be competitive they want right resources and skill sets at the right time, to be cost effective and not incur additional expenses& overheads. TQMS Certifications has a talented resource pool with in-demand skill sets, extensive database of resources and an excellent referral network, which provide an edge in servicing the strategic resource requirements of a technology organization.

Value Adds
  • Qualified & Experienced personnel as per your specific requirement
  • Options to work from your offices, or from our offices
  • All levels of resources from developer to project managers and architects
  • First level of screening and shortlisting done by us
  • Background Verifications and Reference Checks of desired levels as per
  • Reduce cost of Overheads in hiring, benefits, administration and payroll.
  • Flexibility of scale. Ramp up or Down as per the changing business needs.
  • Mitigate the Risk of Attrition.
  • Easy & quick mobilization of skilled and niche resources.

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